Imagination is Divine Creativity

Senin, Mei 12, 2008

Author: Carroll J. Wright, Ph.D.

There is nothing to fear but our shadow and the shadow is really
nothing but misused imagination, collectively and individually.
Imagination is God. The misuse of imagination is the shadow. You
are imagination in action. And when you misuse the power of God,
you make the shadow seem real, but it is not. Imagination is
God; imagination in proper action is manifested in Jesus Christ,
Budda and the Great Ones. When one with God, we are one with the
power of imagination. Doubt, fear and misbelief are the only
things that interfere with the absolutely constructive use of
the power of imagination. Evil is the apparent misuse of

You can read tons of books on science, theology, metaphysics,
religion, philosophy and psychology, but you will find very
little in-depth analysis and understanding of imagination.
Everyone discusses the mind, the emotions, cognition, behavior,
and the intellect, but imagination for the most part is left to
the poets and dreamers. And yet, nothing that you can see, feel,
hear or touch was created without the power of imagination.
Imagination is the source of creativity and productivity. Out of
imagination springs our thoughts, our emotions, and our actions.
All self-talk arises from imagination. Through imagination comes
the energy of life, shaping our experiences. Choice is shaped by
what we imagine we have to choose from. "...with our thoughts we
create the world..." Buddha And with our imagination, we create
our thoughts, we might add.

“According to your faith, so be it unto you” announced
Jesus. What is faith but imagination in action?

And now, the quantum physicists are telling us that every
experience and every object is created by collapsing invisible
waves into visible particles through the imaginative act. What
an awesome gift we have! What terror and beauty we create daily
through this awesome gift. How unconscious we are! What else is
worth doing except to become conscious.

Imagination is infinite. The only limits to imagination are our
fears and mis-beliefs. Imagination is infinite creativity.
Imagination is the hidden source of our very being. Imagination
is where man and God join. Consciousness is imagination in

Where does suffering come from, if not from imagination? God did
not create suffering, we did. And what is suffering but the
perverted and unconscious use of imagination? We are made in the
image or imagination of God. The next step in our evolution has
to be the discovery, not of outer space, but of inner space.
Reason becomes irrationality without the proper conscious use of
imagination. Love turns into hate without the proper use of
imagination. Confidence shatters into cowardice without the
realization of the power of imagination. Dreams turn into
nightmares. “The best laid plans of mice and men often go
astray.” Get acquainted with your self. Become a Columbus in
your inner world. Discover your God nature. Let go of the victim
theme of unconscious imagination. The keys to the kingdom have
been given to us. Unlock the door to your inmost self. Anxiety
is the name of that door. Anxiety is our daily menu until and
unless we unlock the power of imagination.

A deliberate motion, of a hand for example, requires (in
average) 0.8 seconds of brain activity (readiness potential).
Yet we do not experience such a delay between our conscious
decision and the subsequent act. Libet discovered that we become
conscious of an urge to act a 1/2 a second after preparations
for it started. Obviously, our consciousness (I) does not
initiate an action, yet it fools itself that it does. It does
have though restrictive power to veto an action initiated by
non-consciousness (Me).

The importance of imagination and dreams in our daily lives as
well as in science, art, business... cannot be overstated. It
drives our lives and shapes our future. Its importance in
science is well presented and documented in the book - "Insights
of Genius" by Arthur I. Miller. A genius might be a bit better
at it, but everybody uses his imagination and dreams with a
various degree of success. Whatever we do (or not do), casts a
shadow of imagined (expected) outcome next to it. (We may not be
aware of it - but it is there.) Sometimes it is wrong and we
feel confused or embarrassed. Most of the time its nearly there,
but sometimes its a bulls eye and we are at the top of the

About the author:
Carroll J. Wright, Ph.D. Psychotherapist, author, researcher,
holistic health practitioner. 50 years experience in practice.
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