Hypnosis for Weight Loss - How Effective is It?

Senin, Mei 12, 2008

Author: Dave Marrow

Popularity of using hypnosis for weight loss is gaining full
steam, but it is by no means a new method. As obesity continues
to be on the rise, people are more and more welcoming to
alternative treatments and methods to cure the disease, but does
hypnosis for weight loss really work?

According to the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology,
it does. A 1996 issue of this journal referenced an experiment
where a sample of subjects went under hypnosis before going on
their diet and exercise regime, while the other group received
no hypnosis treatment. The results showed that 97 percent of the
subjects who undergone hypnosis lost more weight then the
subjects who did not receive the additional treatment.
Furthermore, the residual weight loss following the experiment
continued to be successful, and the hypnotized group lost more
than 140% more weight than the individuals who did no go under

How is this possible? When done correctly, hypnosis can
strengthen ideas, and persuade you do act and think in another
way. By entering a relaxed state of mind, subtle messages can be
implanted deep within your subconscious and be used to produce
the results you want.

An experienced hypnotist will place suggestions of healthy
eating in your mind, the desire to exercise, and make you feel
more energized. In addition, hypnosis for weight loss will make
you imagine what you will look and feel like when you are in
shape, and therefore motivate you to stay the course. By seeing
yourself as skinny, in shape and as a healthy eater, you will
work harder to validate that perception. As a result a real life
example of perception becoming reality occurs.

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