Hypnosis for Weight Loss - The Hidden Dangers

Senin, Mei 12, 2008

Author: Dave Marrow

Hypnosis for weight loss has been becoming quite the rage, and
it seems to be working. But are there any dangers?

Evidence suggests that hypnosis for weight loss is a very
effective way to achieve your fitness goals. It helps people
feel more energized, eat healthier and crave less. In addition,
hypnosis can allows your subconscious to visualize what it is
like to be fit, and when your mind actually believes you have
lost weight and are in the greatest shape of your life, your
body naturally follows.

The dangers of using hypnosis for weight loss, however, have to
do with the hypnotist themselves. It's important that they have
some background or understanding on appropriate nutritional and
exercise programs that work, otherwise you risk being programmed
into doing the wrong things.

When most people go on a diet or exercise program they generally
do it all wrong, which is why they don't get the results they
expect. As a result, any improper hypnosis treatment may
encourage you to exercise too much and eat too little.
Unfortunately what most people get wrong is that you have to eat
more regularly when you exercise, but you have to eat properly
and avoid binging. When a hypnotist gets the appropriate balance
right, the results are greater than if you were to try to
motivate yourself to lose weight and get in better shape.

With modern hypnosis for weight loss techniques, however, you
can avoid all of this by learning how to hypnotize yourself and
reprogramming your mind to achieve your goals. This goes with
using hypnosis to quit smoking, earn more money, and build
better relationships as well.

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