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Senin, Mei 12, 2008

Author: Dave Marrow

Many people are flocking to schedule sessions with the best
hypnotherapist in their areas, and purchasing programs to learn
how to use hypnosis for weight loss on their own. As silly as it
may seem, the technique works, and these people are seeing

A study a reported in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical
Psychology indicated that 97% of the subjects that participated
in and experiment lost more weight than the sample of subjects
that did not undergo any hypnosis treatment. Following the
experiment, the effectiveness continued to increase by over 140

So what do you have to do to make sure hypnosis for weight loss
works for you?

It's important to realize that you can't just hypnotize yourself
and root thoughts of losing weight and excercising more into
your subconscious mind. You have to insert the right hypnosis
for weight loss thoughts.

For one, it's important to also visualize what it is you will
look like when you are fit and what it would be like. How will
people who haven't seen you in a long time react? What will you
eat? What kind of close will you wear? Will people be more
friendly and polite? What will if feel like to go to the gym and
get a good workout?

Once you have seeded these thoughts deep into your subconscious,
your mind starts to believe you have already reached your goal.
As a result you will naturally lose weight without any effort.

But it's also important as you use hypnosis for weight loss that
you understand the right exercise and diet that will create the
results you want. For instance, eating less and working out more
will not the proper way to lose weight. If you program your mind
to exercise and eat in a way that produces the best results, you
will reach your goals much faster than expected. By integrating
a little self hypnosis into your weight loss regime, you will
achieve success and feel great about your results.

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