Children, Clothing, Color, and Personality

Senin, Mei 12, 2008

Author: Sophie Grace

As a psychologist I am interested in the connection between
color and personality. What kinds of people where certain
colors? What do your color choices say about you? How do certain
colors make you feel? As a parent I am interested in how these
colors affect my child and her development. Based on the
information I have found on colors and their impact on one’s
feelings I am very careful about what kinds of clothing and
colors I choose for my child to wear. It’s been found that
Blue is a color representing calmness. It helps one relax
lowering blood pressure. It’s a healing color. Blue clothing
portrays contentment and calmness. Personality traits associated
with blue are tranquil, calm, peaceful, honest, trusting, and
reliable. I will choose a blue outfit for my child if it’s
going to be a hectic day. Interesting that blue jeans always
seems to calm her. Green is associated with precise and accurate
memory, critical thinking, and logical reasoning. Personality
traits associated with green are secure, safe, sharing,
flexible, balanced, and efficient. If my child is going to
school or is involved in any educational activity, I may have
her wear green. Interesting that school uniforms usually have
green and blue somewhere in them -- calm and creative…great
combination. Red is an energetic color. Red is associated with
activity, appetite and craving. Ever wonder why restaurants
usually have lots of red colored stuff? Now you know why.
Personality traits associated with red are energetic, powerful,
strong, friendly, and warm. Yellow is the color of happiness and
cheerfulness. It is warm like the sun. Personality traits
associated with yellow are happy, cheerful, intelligent,
shining, expressive, and forgiving. If my child is going out to
have fun I will dress her in red or any shade of red such as
burgundy or yellow. Yellow for the daytime and red for the
nighttime. Purple or violet is associated with royalty,
respected, admired, humble, intuitive, dignified, valuable,
tolerant. Purple or violet is great for a formal occasion. Pink
is associated with genuineness, compassionate, loving, mature,
great, considerate, and natural. Pink is innocence so my
daughter wears pink quite often. As one can see, the colors one
wears says a lot about us and impacts our feelings and behaviors
as well so when choosing children’s clothing it’s important
to keep that in mind. Checkout this website…a website created
with color and personality in mind. Check out the following link

About the author:
A psychologist and parent who is interested in personality and

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