Awaken and Stretch Your Imagination

Senin, Mei 12, 2008

Author: Carroll J. Wright, Ph.D.


Awaken and Stretch Your Imagination

A giant is awakening in the world. A giant of awareness. We are
awakening from compulsions, addictions and phobias. We are being
called to awaken from our ego story and from various forms of
archetypal Eros that have taken over our life? We are awakening
from boredom, normality, neurosis, psychosis and anxiety. It is
time that we awaken from the collective mind.

Who or what is awakening? Is something awakening in you? Is a
new sense of self beginning to emerge in you? Is a mysterious
desire or power awakening in you? Are you becoming aware of a
greater reality you cannot yet name?

There are estimates that about 30% of the planet is awakening to
a new sense of self and spirituality. A rising tide of
consciousness that cannot yet be clearly put into words. A
stirring sense of expansion, discovery, adventure and mystery.
Strange dreams, notions of change, new ideas, expanded
possibilities, creative choices. A yearning to be made over,
transformed, re-invented, re-born, expanded. Music, art,
science, philosophy and spirituality are beginning to merge.

One day a few lily pads appear on a pond, a month later, they
double in number, a few days later they double again. The pond
is half covered. The next day it is fully covered.

Listed below are some imagination stretchers designed to awaken
us to our potentials.

Focus your thoughts and imagine a book that you have written.
What is its title?

Imagine that you are a swan awakening from a long winter’s
sleep. What do you experience?

Imagine a cloudy, dark, rainy, cold day. Take a helicopter
straight up through the clouds to 35,000 feet. What do you

Imagine you are a caterpillar eating leaves, all of the leaves
are gone. You weave a cocoon and go into it. Imagine that
experience. Imagine emerging from that cocoon and flying.

Your name is Jack, you father dies. Your mother tells you to
sell the family cow for food. On the way you meet someone who
offers you magic beans for the cow. You take a chance and make
the trade.

When your mother hears what foolishness you did, she sends you
to bed without supper and throws the beans out the window. You
waken the next morning, look out the window and see a giant
beanstalk disappearing up into the heavens. Excited, you climb
the beanstalk to the very top. Notice what happens.

You are out walking in a field, you step into a hole, fall down,
down, down into a deep rabbit hole. You meet talking rabbits.
Write in your journal a dialogue with these rabbits.

You are standing before a huge mirror, you step through the
mirror into Mirrorland. What do you experience?

A hurricane comes and blows your house away land, and you find
yourself in the Land of Oz. How is your experience different
from Dorothy’s?

You are an astronaut. You blast off, your rocket goes off course
and you land on a strange planet. What happens?

Imagine that you walk up the Stargate ramp, step through the
Stargate and enter another dimension. What do you experience?

You find a treasure map, you get your equipment together, go on
a treasure hunt. Tell me what you experience. You run into
problems. What do you do? Do you see a treasure after you
overcome the barriers?

Imagine that you are Rip Van Winkle, asleep for 40 years, and
like a Sleeping Giant, you gradually wake up. Write down what

Imagine you are Daniel, thrown into a lions den with three
lions. You turn your back on them and look up to the light
coming down through the sky. What do you experience?

You are a young lad named David. You face a giant in battle and
you only have a slingshot. What happens?

Imagine you are lost for a long time in a cave, but you see a
light in the dark distance. See what happens.

You are the leader of a group of people in a swamp, and you have
to get them to safety. What happens?

You have to build a bridge across a chasm. You have the
equipment and the supplies and the help. What do you do?

You are in a helicopter looking for a child lost in the
mountains, Your job is to rescue the child. Tell me what

You have the power to be visible or invisible. You go behind
enemy lines to rescue some soldiers held as prisoners. What do
you experience and feel?.

Climb to the top of a mountain, and enter a chapel there, and
see what you experience in the chapel.

Imagine that you are equipped with diving equipment and you
descend to the bottom of the sea. You find a large rusty sword,
bring it to the surface. Now you must clean it up.

Like Superman you can endure anything, so you travel to the
center of the sun. See what you are aware of.

Imagine that you are having a Near Death Experience and you are
going through a tunnel toward the Light. What do you experience?

Imagine that someone pushes you off of a cliff, but you find
that you can fly at will. Where do you go?

You are a giant frog, waiting to be kissed by a maiden. What
happens when you are kissed?

You go through a door into the Fifth Dimension. What do you

You are on the shore of a lake and something emerges out of the
water. What do you see?

You discover that you have healing light coming out of your
hands, what do you do with it?

You learn that whatever you think or say, comes true. So what
would you want to think and say? Imagine absolute stillness and
quietness. How relaxing is that?

In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of
you. Deepak Chopra Imagine a huge screen in your mind and see
what appears on it. You know you are evolving, when you can look
at the 'screen' in your mind, and see the bigger picture. Ellie
Crystal Imagine that you fix your eye upon a star and that
nothing can distract you from your intention. What do you
experience? Obstacles cannot crush me. Every obstacle yields to
stern resolve. He who is fixed to a star does not change his
mind. Leonardo da Vinci What would you do with unlimited power?
The unleashed power of the atom has changed everything save our
modes of thinking and we thus drift toward unparalleled
catastrophe. Albert Einstein If nothing was impossible to you,
what would you do? I have learned to use the word 'impossible'
with the greatest caution. Wernher von Braun Imagine that you
have an impartial eye. What would the world look life? He who
experiences the unity of life, sees his own Self in all beings,
and all beings in his own Self, and looks on everything with an
impartial eye. Buddha See yourself walking along the shore,
where you find a bottle with a message in it. Open the message.
What does it say?

You find a strange looking large seed. You plant it. What comes
up? Every word has a color, shape and sound. What is the shape,
color and sound of the word “PEACE” Imagine you have the
power to create anything you want, what do you create? You find
and capture a giant frog in the forest and ride him. See where
you go? Suppose you could turn anything into its opposite. What
would you choose? You have a big chunk of soil, rock and metal.
You throw it into a boiling cauldron of water, and cook it down
to its essence. What do you find left? Imagine you could create
any kind of world you want. What would you create?
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